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  • Wills, Inheritances & Succession


    There are only two certainties in life as Benjamin Franklin once said; death and taxes. We at Eoin Murphy Solicitors can skilfully guide you through the process of making a Will but also around the area of succession planning. Succession planning is the process of transferring your assets in the most tax efficient manner to your nearest and dearest. The cost of making a Will is generally modest. If you wish to make or review a Will we provide a specialist Wills service. Eoin has previously worked exclusively in this area of the law and in tax and can advise you accordingly on the legal and tax implications of your wishes.

    Wills, Inheritances and Succession Disputes

    Disputes over Wills, Inheritances and Succession entitlements are among the most fraught. As society changes, and more complicated family networks emerge, the amount of dispute and conflict over wills and inheritances is increasing.


    Disputes can arise in many ways. Disappointed family members, civil partners, cohabitants, heirs, beneficiaries and creditors are just some of the people who may make claims for what they consider their entitlements or the validity of a Will may be challenged.


    In most cases a properly drafted Will can avoid problems. This must be done with care. Very strict format and signing requirements apply for Wills to be valid and Wills can be struck down for not being in proper form. Homemade Wills are especially fraught with danger.


    You may wish to be advised on your rights and entitlements. A person making a Will does not have unlimited freedom to leave his or her estate any way he or she wants. The law imposes many restrictions, especially as to the treatment of spouses, civil partners, cohabitants and children and these can override a Will.

    Wills can be set aside if made under unsatisfactory circumstances such as undue influence, lack of knowledge and understanding or mental incapacity. They can be set aside where someone shows that he or she was made a promise, relied on that promise and the promise is unfulfilled. When it comes to succession and inheritance rights the law is complex and strict time limits can apply.

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